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Easy To Use Database For:

Image Management;

Project Management;

File, Records &
Asset Management;

Human Resources &
Employee Management;

Point of Sale, for
Light Retail Sales.

Project Management;
Project Fire Truck; Example

Image Management;
Stamp Collecting; Example

Asset Management;
Coin Collecting; Example

Information Management;
Phone, Address,
& Reports; Example

Records Management;
Motel; Reservations
& Records; Example

Human Resources:
Employee Management; Example

Time Scheduling Database;
Calendar With Alarm; Example

Secure Database;
[Div] Option; Example

Printing a Receipt;
inqVista's Reports; Example
     splash screen.

A 15 day Free trial version is available. Choose
the link near the bottom of this page.

Custom Build An Easy To Use Database For:

Project Management;
File, Records & Asset Management;
Real-Estate Management, Employee Management;
Picture & Video Management;
Scheduling & Time Management.

"inqVista" is easy to use.
There is no manual for inqVista.  To make things work, choose any available option, represented by either an [F key] or [BUTTON], and the program will either do what that option suggests, or, it will open a message window with instructions on how to proceed.

Choosing any of the available options while the entry fields are blank is the best way to learn inqVista.  Also, choosing the [Information] option will help.

Presented below is inqVista's default Master Data Entry Form, ready for you to Name Rows, Add Rows, and and Modify with other available features.  Unlike other databases, you can make changes or modify your database whenever it is convenient.  Using inqVista you always have the ability to change, update and modify your database to suit your needs.

The form shown below is the default opening form for whatever type of database you decide to build.

You can name your databases, Building Project, Maintenance Manual, Phone Book, Client List, Inventory Control, Employees, Coin Collection, Photo Database, Student's Grades, Real-Estate, or anything else you choose.

To the left of each Master Entry Field, you can see the green [Div] button.  Each button open a mini database that is dedicated to each entry field.  You can find some examples if you follow the link Secure Database; [Div] Option; Example.

master data entry form
     showing all master data entry form options, which are: Save/Archive, Find/Edit, Clear fields, Delete, Sort order, Get_icon, Modify DB, Reports, Calendar, and Div.

"inqVista" has many unique features.
For example, any user can name and create more than one inqVista database on a computer or server. And, each database can contain totally different information.  For example, a user having this ability, can update data; change data; add data; and set alarms; on database "A" while referring others to database "B".  The user can then notify some individuals that database "A" has important changes while, for other individuals referring to database "A" would be a time waster.

Also, because you can create more than one inqVista database, on your computer, you may also want to create another database for saving simple, straight forward information.  For example you may want to create an inventory list of home or office goods.   Then, using inqVista you can save and print pictures and copies of receipts, a necessary requirement for insurance claims.

You can manage time by setting a Calendar Alarm.
The user can choose the [Calendar] option in the Master Data Entry Form, and open a calendar.  See Time Management; (Calendar & Alarm Utility link).  Once the calendar is open, choose the year, month and day, then open a note field for that day.  Once the note field is opened simply enter information, and save it.  Now the user can set the date and time for that note field to open.

In other words, the progect manager can set an alarm to go off for one individual or for a group.  Reaching a pre-set time and date turns the alarm on which in turn causes the [Calendar] button to change it's color to red and it's name to [Alarm].  This change stays this way until the alarmed note field is opened.

One click opens a record along with a picture or image.
With inqVista, You can link picture and image files, saved somewhere on your Hard Drive, to a specific inqVista record.

A search window will open to help the user find and then automatically link the chosen picture or image file to a specific record.  This means that in the future, finding, then opening one or more of these files is possible with a simple mouse click.  If you want to see how this feature works, you can check either the Image Management; (Stamp Collecting Example link) or Asset Management (Coin Collecting Example link).

One click opens a record and a window to access folders and files on your hard drive.
You can selectively link to, and then open folders or files that are located somewhere on your computer. This feature links those folders, files, videos, and computer programs to an inqVista record.

You can see this feature, how it works, and why it is important to relate computer files to specific records by going to Project Management; See Project Fire Truck; Example, (link), or the Image Management: See Stamp Collecting; Example, (link).

Design and print a receipt:
You can design and print an itemized receipt on your form or letterhead.  Go to the Records Management; My Motel; Reservations; & Records; Example (link) for more information and examples of how to design and print a receipt.

Create the most secure database:

Division Records are the most secure records.
Division Records are as secure as you care to make them.

     explaining inqVista's Division Record Security.

Request a Free Trial Version;  7.1C for Windows®, here.

inqVista's Free Version 7.1C, in it's compressed package is approximately 18.7 MB.

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Project Management: See Project Fire Truck; Example
Image Management: See Stamp Collecting; Example
Asset Management: See Coin Collecting; Example
Information Management: See Phone, Address, & Reports; Example
Records Management: See Motel; Reservations; & Records; Example
Human Resources: See Employee Management; Example
Time Scheduling Database: See Calendar With Alarm; Example
Most Secure Database: See [Div] Option; Example
Printing a Receipt: See Reports Option; Example